50 Narrative Essay Topics that Will Help You to Stand Out

50 Narrative Essay Topics that Will Help You to Stand Out

Have you been assigned to write a narrative essay? Find it difficult to find a worthy narrative essay topic? Do you have the list of narrative essay topics offered by your teacher but you want to choose a more original essay topic? Picking the right essay theme, be guided by your interests. It is impossible to engage the reader not being engaged on your own. Every time you need to craft an essay, brainstorm creative ideas for an opportunity to impress the teacher.

Sure, the teacher will have to listen to evaluating any essay, even if the topic sounds banal and boring. Believe, you are going to be appreciated by the high grade if managing to attract his/her attention with the interesting narrative essay idea. A narration is a genre of writing providing you with a chance to share the details of your personal life experience.  Tell about anything you like in your narrative essay: the memorable event at school, the person who has made a contribution to your personal growth, the favorite writer, the place you will never forget, etc.

Your story is going to sound great if choosing the narrative essay topic that is close to your heart causing strong emotions thinking about it. If lacking either the free time or the fantasy to come up with a good narrative essay topic, welcome to check the collection of the most brilliant narrative essay ideas. All of A-grade narrative essay ideas are divided into the most important categories - choose the one looking more like yours.

A+ Narrative Essay Winning Ideas  

Teachers often give the assignment to write a narrative work because this is the best way to check the student's writing skills. The main purpose of composing narratives is to tell your personal story using a literary tone. The well-chosen topic guarantees success. Ready to create your unforgettable story able to make a positive impression on the reader? Then, look at the categories of narratives, where the most interesting topics have been collected. Don’t forget to check how successful writers manage to catch the reader’s attention following the logical order of expressing their thoughts.

1. Memories about Childhood

Childhood is a period of time, which will always remain in our memory; is there something special which happened during your childhood? Share your memories with the reader!

  • Tell about the brightest memory of your childhood.
  • Have you had any negative experience, which changed you?
  • Share your impressions about being taught how to ride a bicycle.
  • Was it easy to make friends being 5?
  • Have you ever been seriously punished by parents for behaving badly?
  • What was your favorite game in childhood?
  • Did you ever lie to your mom about small things not to be punished?
  • Were you lost anywhere?
  • Did you have pets being a child?
  • Tell about your grandparents. What is their contribution to developing life values in you?

2.   Life Experiences

Do you think there is nothing interesting in your life? It is wrong to think in such a way! Every person has something to share - your life experience is unique! Nobody else will have the same. Check narrative essay topics about the experience below.

  • The most interesting trip you have ever had.
  • The worst thing you have experienced in your life.
  • Share the most valuable moment.
  • Do you agree that even negative experiences contribute to personal growth?
  • Is there any experience you would like to forget about?
  • Have you had the same life experiences your parents had?
  • What is the hardest decision you had to take?
  • Describe an experience you have found exciting.
  • Have you had experience that was really hard?
  • Agree that it is possible to learn from your own real experience only?

3. Studying at School

Finishing school many students cry because they need to leave the place which was their 2nd home. Others sigh with a relief wishing to enter the adult life impatiently. In any case, having a positive or negative attitude to school years, you’ll always remember this period of time forever. Share your impressions and memories!

  • Tell about the favorite teacher. Why did you like about him/her?
  • Were there teachers whom you respected being afraid of?
  • What subject did you like the most?
  • Did you take part in the organization of school events?
  • How did you spend the school holidays?
  • Compare the emotions you had on the 1st and last day at school.
  • Tell about your 1st school love.
  • Did you have many friends at school?
  • Did you ever cheat regretting this?
  • Was there a day in your school life which will remain the most memorable forever?

4. Relationships in Your Life

Every person has many different types of relationships. They are relationships with family members, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends. Any kind of relationships is unique. That's why if choosing narrative topics from the relationships category, feel free of worries that your topic will sound banal.

  • Tell about the most painful relationships you have had.
  • What did you feel being left alone?
  • Do you have the same model of relationships with your beloved as your parents have?
  • Do you think everyone should create his/her own family?
  • Are there any relationships you regret having?
  • What kind of problems are common in your relationships now?
  • Do you have the personal secret of happy relationships with your beloved?
  • How to avoid quarrels with parents?
  • What kind of relationships with sisters/brothers do you have?
  • Have you experienced a betrayal?

5. Hobbies/Interests

One of the best ways to engage readers is to share your likes. The reader should recognize himself/herself reading a story. Every person or almost everyone has hobbies. What is yours? Share your interests!

  • What is the most interesting journey you have made?
  • How do you spend your weekends?
  • Would you read books or go to the gym having a couple of free hours?
  • Are you fond of active kinds of sports?
  • What are the most non-standard interests you have?
  • Do you have any special skills or talents?
  • What kind of job do you find the best one?
  • Do you have the favorite book, the main character of which reminds of you?
  • What laws would you adopt being a President?
  • If you could choose any supernatural ability, what would it be?

Choose one of the eye-catching topics above - be sure the don will be impressed. Follow this tip crafting a narration: write it in a simple understandable language- the reader should feel your friend whom you trust wishing to share the most valuable things with. Whether sharing a story about success or failure, do this passionately!