How to Find a Topic for Your Persuasive Essay? 100+ Persuasive Essay Topics for the Great Result

How to Find a Topic for Your Persuasive Essay? 100+ Persuasive Essay Topics for the Great Result

Writing a persuasive essay is one of the most challenging tasks students face in high school or college. You should start to learn how to write it in the earlier age because in college you will receive a great number of such essays in various classes. We’ll provide the list of interesting persuasive essay topics for this academic paper.

Ideas that are Essential to the Public

In most schools, students are allowed to choose any topic that is important to the society. A good topic must grab the attention of people who read it. Sometimes it can change people lives. You are free to pick a topic focused on parents and children relations, health, animals, music, food, birth and death, money, illegal acts in various world countries and more topics required in the current time. Don’t forget to support your work (essay or speech) with in-depth research. Sometimes you may place an order to get professional assistance. Read further to learn about persuasive and argumentative essay similarities and find a list of the great essay topics.

How to Succeed with Persuasive Essay Topic?

The variety of subjects you may choose is huge. You may pick one of the crucial issues that people face in real life every day like family concerns about raising little girls or parents’ pressure on a child due to his or her school results, sports activities and more. How to be sure that you’ll create a worthy academic writing piece? First of all, let’s find out what is a persuasive essay. The primary aim of this paper is to persuade the readers and change their view on the particular issue. A student who is writing a persuasive essay must offer enough information about the subject, highlight controversial points and emphasize the key idea of his work. Therefore, prefer essay topics that excite you. Pay attention to details that give the full picture of the problem.

Here is the list of suggestions that will help you to find an excellent persuasive essay theme:

  • Prefer the themes you like most of all.
  • Check current news and topics people are concerned right now. Reading newspapers and watching TV may help.
  • Form your opinion about the particular issues.
  • Read examples of prominent persuasive essay topics and form your own variant.
  • Try to be creative; you shouldn’t pick standard subjects that everyone uses.

Don’t forget that persuasive essay is an academic writing piece, and you should follow some rules like page number, a proper structure with an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion and more.

Persuasive Essay Topics by Categories

Now you are familiar with the purpose of any persuasive essay and know that it is an essential part of your study. Proper writing piece may help to perform your skills, amaze your teachers and level up the grades. Check our list of topics to this type of academic task and create the outstanding writing piece.

Family and Relationships Persuasive Topics

  1. Can parents lie to their kids even if it is a small lie?
  2. Should children be allowed to watch horror movies and play violent games?
  3. Why men usually don’t understand women?
  4. It is a good idea to live together before marriage
  5. Is it necessary to use booster seats for children in the cars?
  6. Why online relationships are so popular, and is it a good option for single women and men?
  7. Is it appropriate to teach teenagers how to use condoms and provide birth control to teenage girls?
  8. Why is hitting kids by parents unacceptable in a modern society?
  9. Should teenagers have more free time or is it harmful to their education?
  10. Is parenting license good idea and how it can influence our society?
  11. Is it necessary to use cell phones and tablets at school?
  12. Fighting drugs at schools: let teachers search students’ backpacks and other personal staff.
  13. Is it efficient to separate girls and boys at schools
  14. Parenting students’ classes: is it a good option?
  15. Should parents pay their children for chores?

Modern Technologies and Society

  1. Should the government control rising technologies and provide some restrictions in this field?
  2. Keeping photos on computer and smartphone is not as good as printing them.
  3. Internet addiction is a huge social issue to adults and teenagers
  4. Why are people sure that online gambling and sports are drugs, and they must be banned?
  5. Does Facebook cause the isolation of people?
  6. Why do social media can’t help to find real friends and create an illusion that you have them?
  7. Is internet censorship effective measure?
  8. How technology changes our thinking and perception of the outward things
  9. Why are Apple products so popular?
  10. Reasons some people refuse to use internet technology.   

Simple Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Recycling programs must be encouraged by government and people.
  2. Is it important to protect human rights?
  3. Should all kids who participate in the competition receive trophy?
  4. Junk food in school eateries must be prohibited.
  5. Why is high paying job more valuable than an exciting one?
  6. Reasons some people want to cancel tipping in the restaurants?
  7. Professional football is dangerous to players
  8. Should government protect privacy and ban various tracking tools?
  9. Is it acceptable to forbid people to take care of exotic animals at home?
  10. The internet is a great invention that greatly affected our society.  

Crimes and Law Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Is it acceptable to allow marijuana as a medical drug?
  2. Should the government no longer allow driving cars while talking the phone?
  3. What if illegal immigrants could pass tests and get a driver license?
  4. Bullying must be illegal in all states of the US
  5. Do you agree that same-sex marriage requires social and governmental support?
  6. Unhealthy foods that cause the obesity must have an extra tax.
  7. Military operations require additional control from the government of the country.
  8. How strict should be a punishment because of watching illegal videos and listening to music?
  9. Is it important to spend a lot of money on the space programs?
  10. Death penalty punishment in the modern society.

Education in School and College Topics for Your Next Essay

  1. Can providing art programs in public schools improve educational level?
  2. Is it a good idea to wear a uniform at school?
  3. Does mandatory annual teachers’ examination influence the quality of the educational system?
  4. Advertising of global corporations at schools: yes and no
  5. Is home education beneficial for children who have communication problems?
  6. Paid education is necessary for the overall development of the society.
  7. Classical literature is a significant part of educational programs in high school and college.
  8. IPads vs. textbooks: is it a good idea for college students?
  9. The truth about students’ loan and how does it influence their lives?
  10. Pick harder classes first in college to simplify your study.
  11. Learning foreign languages is a must for modern students.
  12. Paying students who get the good grade is a good option.
  13. Can some gifted students skip a few years of school education?
  14. Healthy food options for kids should be provided at school eateries.
  15. Physical activity is crucial to improve school education.

Health and Food Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Is hard training good for your health?
  2. Reasons cigarettes are harmful not only to smokers but all the people around them
  3. Why do parents must provide proper health care to their children?
  4. Is it easier to prevent allergic reactions if restaurants post all the ingredients in the menu?
  5. Why is genetically modified food harmful to our health
  6. How cooking help to feel better and energize your body?
  7. Growing organic food is a healthy option in the modern society
  8. Eating habits affect productivity
  9. Cooking lessons should be added to a standard school program.
  10. Alcohol drinks harm our brain and low intellectual ability.    

Fun and Motivational Essay Topics

  1. Why do we want to read emails that are marked as spam?
  2. Adults should play with Barbie dolls.
  3. Why do we love summer time so much?
  4. People who fake work may reduce the overall result
  5. Our motivation is based on our goals
  6. Personal growth is a must for modern people.
  7. People prefer cats as their domestic animals instead of turtles.
  8. Why do we love scary movies so much?
  9. Motivate yourself every day to get higher results
  10. Family supports our ambitions and helps to grow in career and business.

More Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Why should people donate their bodies to science?
  2. Scientists should research what is happening in the space around the Earth.
  3. Using time management skills is a must for all of us
  4. Dressing influences our ability to succeed in the particular sphere
  5. Use art techniques to handle stressful situations.
  6. Why should the United States use a metric system?
  7. Drug tests for school athletes: is it necessary?
  8. Airlines tickets should be affordable for all citizens
  9. How many introverts leave their fears and become excellent speakers
  10. How may psychotherapy help to overcome challenging life situations?
  11. Why jealousy becomes a disease to some people?
  12. Children have to teach camping skills at school.
  13. Why each responsible citizen has to vote
  14. Music is important for the emotional growth of young people.
  15. How do media promote beauty standards?
  16. Studying photography can be very beneficial.
  17. Reading books improve intellectual abilities and are necessary for young people
  18. Can we honestly say that each country is independent?
  19. How the childhood influences the future?
  20. Using alternative energy for economic growth of the country.

In Summary

A persuasive essay is an educational challenge all students face in high school or college. You should learn some skills to complete a persuasive academic paper. Key point is to find a proper topic that will help you to succeed with the persuasive essay of any level. Try our complete list of themes for the persuasive essay and create original work.