80 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Your Inspiration

80 Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Your Inspiration

Compare and contrast essays exist to realize the differences and similarities between two or more related subjects. An author must not only provide ideas about why the subjects have them but give meaningful arguments. To start writing, gather all ideas and decide what to describe. Within every sphere, there are a lot of compare and contrast essay topics. You must choose:

  • Relevant topics – such themes as war, world, art, books, music, civil rights originated from Greek people, government & others are traditional for students of any school or college.
  • Neutral topics – academic education establishment may not be pleased if you write about and compare abusive subjects. Try to meet the expectations and interests of all readers in your essays.
  • Related topics – you can describe something close to your readers, your classmates. Take into account living with parents, the relationship in the family and home, good time for entertainment & studying, etc.

In order to pick proper topics, you need to define at least two subjects to be compared. You can take some things closely related and make an emphasis on their differences. For example, you can compare wild and domestic cats living in big cities. You are able to take some different subjects with no visible relations and find some contrast between them. Compare dolphins and bats (one lives in water, the other one flies, but both use echolocation for hunting).

A good choice for contrast topics is to compare a movie and a book, a book, and a play. Something similar without hidden differences. Books & movies are always relevant to compare, especially for students. After picking the subjects, decide if they fit into the meaningful way of comparison. It means that an author should compare & find the utility of these subjects in such a connection.

For real contrast topics, you have to explain how knowledge about differences & contrast affects us, what useful conclusions can appear when you compare the subjects? Always try to answer an imaginary question “So what?”. In other words, why would you compare these two things?

Thesis Statement of a Compare and Contrast Essay

A thesis statement is the heart of an essay. Even of such an obvious type as compare and contrast. In general, it consists of several sentences that describe the purpose of the essay and its main goals.

The statement “Bats and dolphins use echolocation for hunting. Despite this contrast, the hunting mechanisms of both species originate from different organs & passed through different evolutionary processes” can be called a thesis statement of contrast topics, as it contains the main idea and reason to compare. To build it properly you have to perform several actions:

  • Think about your topics you will make a comparison of. What ideas come to your head when you see it? Is there any scientific interest in choosing and contrasting these subjects? How could you describe both subjects in two words? Literally, all ideas concerning the topic must be gathered and written down. Compare them and pick the best ones.
  • Write down the main characteristics & features of both subjects. Their pros and cons, weak and strong sides you will compare. Use various types of measuring.
  • Then try to construct the main points used in the comparison – the main arguments you will apply to both subjects and watch how they react to them.
  • These points are good for building your arguments, the conclusions you have learned after the comparison & will use in the essay.

It leads us to the thesis statement building. In it, you have to show a reader why one subject is more acceptable than others and to make a meaningful comparison with finding similarities and differences. Put everything described here into organized sentences and you will have your thesis. A thesis statement helps you to start an essay, to write a conclusion and to compose the body paragraphs of an essay about compare and contrast.

Science and Technology Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

When it comes to science, it is pretty easy to find two or more subjects for a good comparison. Technology is a fast developing sphere. Every day we meet new inventions, companies, and discoveries. Sciences do not stand in one place. If you are interested, see how many Nobel award seekers are listed every year.

Science compare and contrast essay topics involve using deep analysis methods and a wide set of proofs. This sphere is really big, so there is always room for inspiration. Choose it if you know that you have got all the needed knowledge to observe the subjects.

  1. Compare iPhone & Samsung: Similar & Different Technologies that Help These Companies to Produce the Best Smartphones
  2. Oil Energy VS Alternative Resources & Their Influence on People’s Lives and Nature
  3. Similarities & Differences Between Atom Theories of the 19th Century and Ancient Times
  4. Civil Jet Planes of the United States and the USSR: Comparison of Technical Characteristics
  5. Power Resources Used in Washington DC & New York: Comparison of the Prime Cost
  6. Greek and Roman Ancient Technologies: The Flow of a Scientific Thought
  7. Artificial Intelligence VS Human Control – What Is Better for Heavy Industry?
  8. Comparison of Approaches to Modern Atomic Energy: Safety and Profits
  9. Essay About Quantum and Hard Disk Computers: Where Will the Future Go?
  10. Views on the Technological Progress in the 20th and 19th Centuries
  11. Pros and Cons of Electrical and Gasoline Automobiles for the Modern US
  12. Dark Matter Potential: Can Utility & Consequences Be Compared?
  13. Technology at Home: Comparison of Weak and Strong Sides of Smart Houses
  14. Similarities & Differences Between Abstract and Empirical Approaches to Science
  15. Gas VS Coconuts: Comparison of Alternative Energy Resources

Biology and Medicine Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Biology and related sciences is another source of good and qualitative compare and contrast essay topics. Your writing can concern ecology, medicine, biology, chemical biology, history, physical biology, & other topics. The sphere is full of discoveries and inventions. Every day scientists discover new forms of life and improve our imagination about the world with new topics to discuss. Your essay can find out differences and contrast in various mechanisms and systems that can be applied to sciences.

  1. Compare Cats VS Dogs: Which Species Developed Better Mechanisms of Adapting in Cities?
  2. Ideas about the Human Body and Medicine in Ancient and the Medieval Times
  3. Alternative Kinds of Medicine – When They Can Be Better than Traditional Ones
  4. An Apple Every Day and You Will Not Need a Doctor – Pros and Cons of the Statement in a Biological Aspect
  5. Evolution of Reptiles & Birds: Comparison of Organ Systems
  6. Smoking & Drinking: Similarities in Harmful Influence of These Habits
  7. Comparison of Free & Paid Medicine: What Achievements Every System Gained?
  8. Ecological Pyramids: Different Approaches to Compare
  9. Vegetarianism VS Meat Eating: What Type of Meals Are of Human Nature?
  10. Human Impact or Nature Disaster: Biological Aspects of Global Warming
  11. Native Tribes of Australia & Southern America: Anthropomorphic & Social Similarities
  12. Do Emotions Belong to a Human? Reactions of Apes & Mammals Comparison
  13. Jurassic & Paleozoic Eras: Comparison of Biological Resources & Variety
  14. Operations VS Therapeutic Cancer Curing
  15. An essay about the Evolution Theory VS Creation: Possible Contrast

Arts and Literature Topics for a Compare and Contrast Essay

If you are not strong in sciences, do not fall into despair. There is always an option to find some contrast in arts or literature. Indeed, this sphere is big enough for pleasing everyone. Just remember one thing: for a really good essay, you have to study both subjects. Read books, see the paintings, watch the movies, etc. There are no limits to topics’ relevance in this sphere. Every human is unique, so every essay can contain fresh ideas until it is plagiarized fully.

  1. Harry Potter Movies and Books: Similarities and Differences Between the Main Characters
  2. Stanley Kubrick Early and Late Movies: Differences and Signs of Artistic Progress
  3. Exploitation Films VS Trash Movies: The Main Differences and Similarities
  4. Religion and Art in Western and Eastern Cultures
  5. Contemporary Art Approaches of the 60s in the USA and Great Britain
  6. Rock Music: Comparison of Possible Ways of Appearance
  7. An essay about the Ancient Greek and Indian Literature: Similarity in Heroic Epics Topics
  8. Differences Between European Art Schools of the 19th Century
  9. Impressionism in Arts and Literature: Contrast Search
  10. Popular or Niche Music: Comparison of Social Impacts
  11. Similarities and Differences Between Approaches to modern Arts in Europe and the USA
  12. Contrast Between Folk Music in Different Countries of the EU
  13. Comparison of the Greatest Fiction Writers of the 20th Century: Relevant Topics
  14. Comparison of Harmful Impact of Two World Wars Laid Upon Arts and Literature
  15. Classic literature VS Modern Literature: What Is Better for Education?

History Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Obviously, history is full of subjects to compare. This sphere grants us various aspects of a human’s life. The topics can be related to any country, timescale or happenings. Again, history is full of controversial moments, so try to avoid it. Every folk has something to be ashamed of, and not everybody will like it. Sometimes a comparison of various historical events can help with understanding modern realities and applying better actions for a better future.

  1. An essay about the Hundred Year War: Comparison of French and English Strategy and Tactics
  2. Ancient Greek and Roman Empires: The Main Differences and Similarities
  3. Nazism and Communism: Contrast in Harmful Impact
  4. Means of Propaganda During the Cold War: USSR VS Europe
  5. Results for the Great Geographical Discoveries Age for Different Countries
  6. Western and Eastern Civilizations: Contrast in Development
  7. American and Australian Conquers and Their Destructive Forces
  8. Democracy and Autocratic Policy: Similarities between Origins and Growth
  9. Contrast Between Barbarian and Roman Historic Potential
  10. Great Movements of Folks in the 5th and 13th Centuries
  11. History of Railways in Russian Empire and the USA: Differences Between Approaches and Purposes
  12. Slavery in the USA and Russia Essay: Similarities and Differences in Methods of Fighting Against It
  13. England VS Scotland: What Historical Events Were Decisive for These Countries?
  14. Is There Anything Common Between Dictators of the 20th and 21st Centuries?
  15. Marriage Traditions in History: Similarities and Differences Between England and Spain

Social Sciences and Topics for Compare and Contrast Essays

Social sciences is another wide sphere where you can pick some good topics for your writing. It includes sociology, psychology, statistics, ethics, education, religion, politics etc. With the development of humanity more and more aspects of our life appear. They can be compared successfully. Remember about acceptance by a reader and your paper will be OK.

  1. Western and Eastern Traditions of Children Education Compare: Features of Both Approaches
  2. Christianity and Islam: Sharp Differences in Approaches to the Role of Society
  3. Contrast and Difference Between Freud and Jung Psychological Schools
  4. Comparison of Traditions of Care for Special Children in the USA and Great Britain
  5. Living at Home VS Dormitory: What Is Better and How to Make a Choice?
  6. Attitude to Parents and Family: Its Development Throughout the 20th Century
  7. Pagan Religions of Slavic and Germanic Folks: Possible Similarities and Differences
  8. Western and Eastern Approaches to Corruption as a Social Disaster
  9. Educational Games: Small Investment or a Great Impact Upon Childhood?
  10. Studying or Working in Summer: What Is Better for a College Student?
  11. Traditions in Society Essay: Compare Pros and Cons of ‘Good Old Times’ for the Modern Life
  12. Security Applications in Child’s Cell Phone: Free Means of Control or Additional Protection?
  13. Different Results of Writing Anti-Segregation Articles for US and Africa
  14. Does Being High Equal Being Happy or Are Drugs Really Good for You?
  15. The Electronic Government and President: How It Can Be Better than Regular Ones
  16. Ideals to Follow: Contrast Between YouTube Vloggers and Pop Stars
  17. Interests of White House in Syria: A Real Will to Help or Another Oil Fiction?
  18. Day or Night? Choosing the Best Working Schedule for a Student
  19. Is Living in the Office Good for You? Negative Sides of Workaholics in the USA and Japan
  20. Contrasting Features of Common Aspects in Modern Sociology

This is our list of relevant and cool compare and contrast essay topics. You can ch